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i am a Christian, and i love Jesus. i fully believe that He is why i am here today and that everything happens for a reason. i like almost all kinds of music, but country is my favorite. i have a weird affinity for quotes. i love animals, especially dogs & puppies. i have a golden Labrador, and i absolutely love him. i love my family with all my heart, and i don't know what i would do without them. i love to be happy. i love to laugh. i always try to be positive. my favorite sport is football. i absolutely love the Denver Broncos, but i also like the Colts & the Giants. football sundays are my thing. i love the knights. i enjoy learning new things. i like the water - beach, pool, ocean, lake, whatever. i love photography: i actually take pictures myself, but i love looking at other peoples' work as well. i love watching the sun rise, but i'm not a morning person (though at times, i wish i was). sunsets are just as beautiful though, and nothings better than a beautiful sunset to end your day. i love the country, but i love the city. i love the mountains, but i love the beach. i may not always be happy, but all in all, i love life and i can't complain.

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Make it pink!

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In honor of Navi’s first birthday (which is technically tomorrow), I decided to recreate one of her most popular photosets on Tumbr. 11 weeks vs 1 year.

I did this because there are many people who only look at her baby photos and say “I want a Great Dane” who maybe don’t appreciate the gravity of what it means to have a Dane when they are as big as she is now with all the energy of a small puppy. 

If you truly want a Dane be prepared for a commitment. I love Navi. She’s fun and wonderful and incredibly smart but I also knew exactly what I was getting into when I got her. 

Thank you all for following through Navi’s first year and thank you for sticking with us as we added new family members. I hope that you all continue to love Navi, Link and even Zelda for many years to come! 

Happy Birthday, Navi!

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Go Knights!! Hahahahah black & gold

Go Knights!! Hahahahah black & gold

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Great Danes are gentle giants.

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The timing in which people enter your life is very important. (via insanity-and-vanity)

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Workout schedule for college girls!


Workout schedule for college girls!

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